I wanted it all - health, happiness, and a successful career.

But something was always holding me back. Every time I wanted to be social, go on a date, travel, or just live life... I always feared my digestive issues would get in the way. I continued to ignore the pain and discomfort until it was too late. My digestive system started shutting down - an internal scream for help.

It was time to listen to my body.

I’ve always viewed myself as someone, who I thought was healthy - especially when living a crazy-busy corporate lifestyle.  Being “always on” and working seven days a week, my brain never shut off. I was in a constant state of dis-stress or dis-ease. I was in fight or flight mode and never stopped to put my health needs first. I thought going to the gym in the morning, then working 15 hours a day was healthy, because everyone I knew was doing it. I thought being consumed with work led me to believe I was important. I’d skip meals and snacks, sometimes I would go a whole day without eating or hardly drinking any water, being fueled only with coffee or energy drinks. When I would eat (as I usually skipped breakfast), I would rush through the process of eating, never taking the time to taste my food and actually enjoy what I was eating. While eating, I would look at my phone, check work emails on my laptop, or eat in the car on my way to a meeting. If I could eat on the run, I would, gulping everything down as fast as I could because I didn’t have time. I couldn’t digest my world. Being caught in a constant state of hurry, I consumed massive amounts of liquids or foods that made me sluggish instead of productive.

My external reality was mirroring my inner reality -
my inability to digest and slow down.

Days would pass when I wouldn’t produce a bowel movement, sometimes even weeks. So I relied on over-the-counter laxatives or colon prep kits to ensure that I would go to the bathroom. Until one day, I found myself almost paralyzed in my bed. I couldn’t move. It was at that life changing movement where I literally could not get out of bed that I decided I needed to listen to my body. I ignored the warning signs for far too long and now I was paying the consequences. Before my 30th birthday, my body already started shutting down on me.  

It often takes a life changing and dramatic event that you can no longer ignore to make real lasting changes to your health. After 15 years of struggling with digestive issues and IBS, I began to fully explore the journey of me, vowing to make a commitment to find balance and return to optimal health. I only had two choices - return to what I know, return to my old thought patterns and programming - ignoring my digestive pain and discomfort until I ended up in the hospital. Alternatively, I could go with my gut, learn the secrets of nourishing my body through a holistic approach, and start building a healing relationship with my body.

Are you ready to banish the bloat, make friends with your digestive system, and live your life?

In my Go With Your Gut nutrition program, we’ll cover the following themes – but know that it can be tailored to focus on the areas you need.

Go With Your Gut nutrition program


  • What and how to eat to banish the bloat and constipation

  • Tips to reduce and/or eliminate symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhea and/or constipation

  • How to listen to your body

  • A new perspective on food - one that integrates our inner knowing (gut feeling)

  • Why your body craves certain foods

  • Hidden food sensitivities that don’t truly nourish or feed you

  • How to detox your body naturally, without relying on harsh laxatives

  • The mind-body connection- connection between the food we eat and spirituality

  • How to build a positive body image

  • Taking control of self-sabotaging behaviours by changing the way you view health

  • Mindset shifts to help keep your energy more balanced, cleansed, and aligned

  • Detoxing your mind and body, steering clear of the clutter, and releasing the old "crap" in your life


  • 1 x 60-minute digestive audit + strategy session to review your current situation and establish your game plan

  • 5 weekly coaching sessions to check in and find out what's working, what's not, and tweak your plan as necessary. Don’t you worry, I got your back! (by phone or Skype)

  • Custom nutrition & lifestyle plan

  • Shopping lists, meal plans and recipes catered to you and your specific health goals

  • Weekly food diary review via email (optional)

  • Unlimited e-mail and text support - I’m always here for you if you have questions or need support and accountability

  • Recommended reading and homework


Service fees start at $399 CAD* Book now

*Contact me for more information.


Individual consultation:

Single Skype / Phone Consult / Face to Face

Initial consultation:  $195, Book now

Please note: When you make an initial appointment, you’ll receive a welcome note along with a form. Please ensure the form is completed, prior to your Skype/phone consult so we can make the most of our time together.


menu development and analysis:

Assessing restaurant menu items for nutritional components
• Nutritional analysis and full break down of menu items, as well a identifying common allergens
• Work with culinary teams to update menu items
• Educate restaurant owners and servers on food related allergies present in the restaurant 

*Contact me for more information.


Why work with me?


As your nutritionist, I figure out where you might have digestive issues or food sensitivities that may be contributing to your weight gain, constipation and fatigue. I also provide banish-the-bloat meal recommendations and recipes suitable to your unique body and lifestyle. I’ll also help you poop like a pro, so you’ll become leaner, more energized, and healthy.


As a former marketing manager, with severe digestive issues (and an addiction to laxatives to cure my constipation), I had zero energy and very poor eating habits. I know what it’s like trying to juggle deadlines, demanding bosses, and trying to be healthy, but then skipping meals and gorging on chips at night. I know how and what it takes to keep things on track and restore your digestive system while getting the energy you need. WHY? Because I am highly invested in your health too! Your gut can make you feel like your body is fighting against you, day in and day out. Let’s work together to change that.


Working with me, you get all of this in
one program and one mentor.

Quick fixes for our unhappy bellies and digestive dysfunction are never sustainable and exhausting to keep up with. 

Discover how to listen to your body and banish the bloat for good.

Isn't it about time you reconnected with that gut instinct?


Interested in working together?

Book your FREE 15-minute complimentary session to learn more about my program and to see if we’re the right fit!